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Siomai Chino

Siomai is undeniably the best-selling and most well-liked food cart food item. A lot of people nowadays, regardless of status and age dive into siomai booths and kiosks located all over Metro Manila, even in regional areas. People agree that this is a good business venture because of its proven lucrative results.  Franchise our best tasting siomai, SIOMAI CHINO!
A fast track life needs a fast track path and regimen and sometimes even in terms of nourishment bite sized food are being more preferred by many. Being on the go would be too hectic and even hunger has no place in a sizzling and bustling schedule. No wonder the rise of the food cart industry which offers various bite sized snacks have mushroomed rapidly. If you are eyeing a food cart business and can’t get to choose one concept yet then you need to check out Siomai Chino. Siomai Chino is one of the fast selling food cart concepts today, simply because it offers one of the most favorite snack of every Filipino and that is none other than siomai! Siomai is a dumpling filled with meat and vegetable wrapped in wanton and delightedly dipped in soy sauce with calamansi, chili and garlic bits. This finger food goodness is made up of beef, pork, some vegetables, shrimp and so on. It has evolved into various flavors and blends but still it remains as the crowd’s favorite! Despite its bite sized nature, siomai is quite heavy on the tummy because of its ingredients. And the price of this delectable snack is purely budget friendly. Siomai Chino is a friendly food cart that happily awaits the hungry consumers who are on a tight budget. The taste of the siomai from Siomai Chino is not compromised and its patrons keeps on coming back for more. Good food does not necessarily be expensive, sometimes you can even find them in small packaged just like in our old time favorite siomai!

Php 30,000.00
Single Cart Package

Package includes:

Use of Name and Logo
Free training of crew
Collapsible Food Cart




Preparation Materials
1 set Crew uniform (visor, shirt & apron)
1,000 worth Sample products
Franchisee training and
E-Loading business
(activation of SIM card as retailer SIM)



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