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Pizza Roulette Food Cart

Pizza Roulette Food Cart. Pizza have been in the market ever since and with the influence of local and national pizza chains who spends millions in promoting that their pizza is the best, the demand for pizza have reach market high benefiting small scale pizza stores with the advertisements.
Pizza could be one of the oldest food franchise concepts and it rarely fails. Maybe because the delicious crunchy bread topped with rich tomato sauce, veggies and meat is very hard to resist. You can own a small pizza business thanks to Pizza Roulette.
Parties are never the same without pizza! The richness and goodness in every bite makes every gathering more fun. Pizzas are way too pricey nowadays and as much as we love to eat it every day, the price of the premier pizzas in the market are way too out of our league and is quite not that budget friendly. Good thing there are food carts that caters and sells our well-loved snack which is pizza of course! With Pizza Roultte, you can get the same pizza that you loved for a fraction of the cost of most popular pizzas in the market. With various flavorful toppings and delectable ingredients and spices, Pizza Roulette has been a popular pizza among the food cart concepts available in the country today. Through Pizza Roulette you could earn profits by marketing your scrumptious pizza from Silver Ace at an affordable rate that would surely be appreciated by the public. With a choice of sizes from solo, square and family. Unique flavors of Pizza Roulette are served and perfected for the benefit of its patrons. Good food doesn’t need to be pricey at all! And even investing in a franchise needs not to be burdensome too because with Pizza Roulette, you could get this franchise package without investing much. Pick up the phone now and set up your appointment to know more about this food cart concept and start earning today!

Php 30,000.00
Single Cart Package

Package includes:

Use of Name and Logo
Free training of crew
Collapsible Food Cart

Oven Toaster



Preparation Materials
1 set Crew uniform (visor, shirt & apron)
1,000 worth Sample products
Franchisee training and
E-Loading business
(activation of SIM card as retailer SIM)



Single MB Pizza vertical