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For a country greatly influenced by other countries’ culture and cuisine (Chinese cuisine to be specific), it is no surprise that dim sum  food products would enjoy a large following in the Philippines.

Who hasn’t eaten the very famous siomai? Who has not tasted the goodness of a fried noodles? Who has not felt the overwhelming warmth of a noodle soup? Who hasn’t spent a lazy afternoon in their favorite Chinese restaurant, feasting on the innumerable assortment of delicacies that make up Chinese Dim Sum.

With Dim Sum you get to try a variety of different dishes. Typical examples of this are small dumplings, wrapped foods, steamed goodies, won tons and others. In general, individual portions of dim sum are small so that numerous dishes can be ordered. Dim sum can be steamed, fried, boiled, baked or broiled and this wide range of options makes for a lively and varied meal.

Some of the dim sum products embraced and loved not only by Chinese but also by Filipinos:

Fried Dumplings:






Noodle Soup:



Dim sum when it comes to business is also very profitable. That is the main reason why Chinese restaurants are rampant in our country. Not only that, inexpensive and filling, dim sum is a consistent key player in the food cart business industry nowadays.

For starters in the business world, putting up a food cart is a good decision but franchising a  food cart is a better option. With the existing system and established products, franchising is great for starters. Commonly, we see carts that sell dim sum products individually like master siomai, Siopao king etc. Seldom we see carts that offer various dim sum products in one kiosk in a low starting capital.

One of the few offering this  kind of concept,  SILVER ACE FRANCHISE AND MARKETING introduces its own concept of varied dim sum products in one cart, at a low starting capital, the CHOPSTIX n’ DIMSUM.

CHOPSTIX n’ DIMSUM offers four varieties of SIOMAI (Pork, Beef, Japanese, Q-mai), four varieties of FRIED and STEAMED DUMPLINGS (sharksfin, pork, chicken, mushroom) STIR FRY NOODLES, WANTON NOODLE SOUP, RAMEN and SIOPAO (asado, bola-bola) . That is six product concepts in one cart.

This particular Kiosk costs P75,000-P150,000 inclusive of the food kiosk itself, the complete equipment, preparation materials, etc. It is ready to operate once released.


chopstix menu board





Php 75,000.00 and 150,000 package

Package includes:

Use of Name and Logo
Free training of crew
Food Cart
Equipment: Rice cooker & Deep Fryer

Preparation Materials
set Crew uniform (visor, shirt & apron)
Sample products
Franchisee training and
E-Loading business
(activation of SIM card as retailer SIM)